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Everyone loves to have a 3D scan made, both in the consumer and the corporate market. The scan can be used to capture a memory, create figurines, personalise games and express yourself.

The ScanLounge is a portable, full body, photogrammetry 3D scanning solution and delivers high quality results.
Endorsed and selected by the key players in the market.

ScanReactor Pro

The ScanReactor Pro is our new flagship scanner for scanning products on a mass scale with unparalleled detail and quality. Easily scan thousands of products at your location or ours, and use your 3D assets online, in rendering and AR & VR.



We create stunning full body, full color 3D printed figurines.

Professional Workwear

After having scanned over 200.000 people Scanologics delivers a reliable scanning solution that can be used to take accurate body measurements and generate personal 3D files for online virtual fitting.


With a ScanLounge 3D scan, you can create a game character that looks just like you. Try to score against Messi in Fifa Football!

Express Yourself

With an A-stance or T-pose scan you can express yourself with a rigged and animated character.

Animation options will explode. You will be able to create 3D animated movies, or replay a real life memory (revisualisation).

But remember, you can only replay starting from the day and age of your first 3D scan!

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ScanLounge 2.5

With a height of 2.35m the ScanLounge fits into almost any room. ScanLounge is ideal for events (corporate and consumer events, trade shows, et cetera). The ScanLounge consists of eight - German engineered - aluminum modules. These modules are compact, lightweight, robust, easy to connect and quick to set up.
The software supports the entire scanning process, from registration, product selection, payment and of course the scan itself. Scanologics offers the possibility of online monitoring and online remote support. The outside panels of the ScanLounge can be adapted to match your company's corporate identity.

Data processing and production
The ScanLounge 2.5 is photogrammetry-based. In a split second hundreds of 2D pictures are taken, with a data volume of about 1.5 GB per scan. After the scan has been made the pictures are uploaded to the back office of Scanologics. The 2D pictures are then processed into 3D printable files by Scanologics.


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